Relationship Counseling

Has it felt that no matter what you do, things go wrong in your marriage, your friendships, with family, or with coworkers? 
It feels like you always say the wrong thing or get into arguments without trying.
Maybe it’s difficult to trust and open up because of past hurt. 
Or you feel as though you give all of yourself into relationships and work to make sure the other person is doing well, without feeling cared for in return.
So you begin to withdraw, not knowing what to do next.

You want to feel connection with those in your life. To feel like you can communicate and get somewhere instead of going around in circles. To build relationships that give both of you the care you need. I can help you…

  • learn healthy, positive ways of communicating your needs, wants, and desires, listening to one another.
  • heal from past hurt and learn to build trust safely.
  • set healthy boundaries that keep you safe while building positive relationships.
  • work through social anxiety to help at work or other situations.

Start today.