Geek Therapy

Identifying as a geek or nerd (or any other description you might claim) says that you are passionate about the things that interest you – whether those are video games, TV shows, movies, comic books, RPGs, or anything else. These hobbies and interests help to make up who you are – and are an essential part of your personal wellness journey. If you want to level up your coping skills, create the character you want to be, or write your own story, let me help.

As you may have seen here, I consider myself a proud geek. I love Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Dungeons & Dragons, board games, and the occasional video game. If you have had trouble finding a counselor who understands your interests and choices, schedule a consultation with me and see if we are a good fit!

I recently completed the Cultural Competency Certificate through Leyline Geek Therapy Training. I will be continuing my training to become a Certified Geek Therapist.