Your Geek Therapist & Co-Narrator

Are you ready to take control of your story?

Up until this point, it may have felt as though your life was carrying you along uncontrolled. Or that each decision you made has failed and kept you stuck in place. You feel stressed, overwhelmed, and like you’re running in circles just to get through the day, without knowing how to find a way to something better.

I can help you write a story for your life that incorporates your passions, goals, and hobbies as an integral part of who you are. Together, we can figure out who you want to be and use the stories you love to get there.

As a wife, mom, person of faith, and geek, my own experiences and passions help me to see where you are and how you got there. As a counselor, I can help you see the story you want to write, and how to do it.

What i do

Help women process the stress we experience as individuals, partners, mothers, businesswomen, and other roles we fill on a regular basis.

Help college students process the stress that comes from new settings, responsibilities, social situations, and other stress-causing circumstances.

Work with teens to deal with stress, anxiety, depression, and relationship issues.

Work with families to develop healthier ways to engage with one another, parent, and improve relationships.

My Credentials

Licensed Professional Counselor, Texas #74340

Cultural Competency Certificate, Geek Therapeutics Training Institute

MA in Counseling, Liberty University

BMA in Music and Psychology, Oklahoma Baptist University

Member, Texas Counseling Association