Hope 4 Everyone

In my life – both professional and personal – I strive to be inclusive of and loving toward all people, regardless of personal characteristics or religious beliefs (or lack thereof). I am passionate about improving the culture we have around mental health into positive and constructive conversations.

As a Christian, I feel strongly about changing that stigma in our churches. The church should be the place where those who are struggling (with anything) can come and find help and support. This is especially true regarding mental health. Mental illness does not discriminate, but time and again, the church has failed to approach this topic with the grace and support it deserves.

Hope 4 Everyone is a mental health symposium that we created in Amarillo, Texas, to begin bridging the gap between the church and mental health communities. We strive to educate minsters, church members, and people who love those who are struggling on how to approach and provide support.

As an organization, Hope 4 Everyone is still in the beginning stages, but if you have any questions, please contact me!

2019 poster and program of speakers and topics